Complete Verizon Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Guide

If you are old enough, then you may actually remember a time when every library had a large reverse phone directory for the local town. If someone left you a number and you could not remember who it was, you could go look it up at the library. Obviously, technology has changed a lot since then, which has been made even more complicated as a result of the use of cell phones.

Even know most residential and business lines can be found in some free reverse phone directory online, what you may not know is that companies like Verizon do not publish a phone directory, making reverse cell phone lookup virtually impossible by using normal methods.

Can You Find A Verizon Cell Phone Directory?

The reason why you cannot find a Verizon cell phone directory online is because there simply isn’t one. A few years ago, as a result of privacy concerns and compromised data, Verizon ceased publishing this information as a way to make sure that it could not be accessed by competitors for people interested in spying on Verizon users.

What this means is that if someone is called your cell phone or your home phone and they were using either a Verizon cell phone or Verizon landline service, you will not be able to find information on their phone number by using a reverse phone directory.

What Is A Free Reverse Phone Directory?

There is nothing new about reverse phone directories – they have existed for decades in one form or another. What makes them so different these days is that they are now available online, and in many cases you can gain access to a free reverse phone directory in order to lookup various numbers.

The information that is found in reverse phone directories is often taken from public records and other sources, many of which may not be accurate or up-to-date. Many people have found out by searching for their own phone number that information has been compromised or was found to be completely incorrect.

Can You Find Verizon Cell Phone Numbers For Free?

In addition to the fact that a Verizon cell phone lookup is impossible by using free services, the same can also be said for AT&T, T-Mobile, and other cell phone companies. These phone numbers are considered to be proprietary information and are technically the property of the cell phone companies. But, by using a paid reverse phone directory, you may be able to accomplish a Verizon cell phone lookup and find the owner of a Verizon cell phone number.

Should You Use A Paid Reverse Phone Directory?

If you have tried a Verizon reverse cell phone lookup by using one of the free services and had no luck, then using a paid reverse phone directory is going to be your best option. What may surprise you is that paid reverse phone directory can provide you with a lot more information than a free directory, including the name and address of the owner of the phone, and other details that may be in your best interest to know.

In addition to providing you with a lot more information on the owner of a Verizon cell phone number, you will also be assured that your search is confidential and that no one will be alerted that you have search for a particular phone number.

Which Paid Reverse Phone Lookup Service Should You Use?

Because so many people are now looking for this kind of information online, unfortunately there are some companies making big promises about providing Verizon cell phone numbers for free. That is never going to be the case of course, and so using a paid service is the best way to ensure that you do not get scammed and that you get the most reliable information with your privacy intact.

Reverse Phone Detective has been shown to be one of the most reputable and easy-to-use reverse phone directories for both cell phones and land lines, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can choose to search for a single number for just $14.95, or by choosing a premium membership at $39.95, you will have the ability to get unlimited people searches and free reverse phone lookup, too.

What Is The Best Way To Track Down A Verizon Caller?

Many people simply do not realize that some of the online free reverse phone directories are nothing more than ways to create an income for the website owner, and do not provide any legitimate, reliable information on a phone number. Whether you are interested in finding out who is calling your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, or you want to know who your child is talking to other cell phone, by having access to Verizon phone number lookup information through a service like Phone Detective, you will always have the information that you need.